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Thu. Dec 18th 2014
Units participate in annual Christmas Parade

Units from Fire Companies 1, 2, 4, 5 and Powhatan Volunteer Rescue Squad participated in Powhatan's annual Christmas Para...

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Fri. Mar 22nd 2013
Field fire 1600 Blk Reams Road

A little after 6 PM today Brush and Tanker 2 responded to a reported field on fire.  Brush 2 arrived and found about a h...

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Wed. Mar 20th 2013
Powhatan County FD and Emergency Mgt participate at Career Day at Powhatan High School

Powhatan County FD and Powhatan Emergency Management spent three hours Wednesday at Powhatan High School for Career day. ...

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Company 1 - Brush 1
1999 Ford F350/AlumLine/Emergency Equipment Installations
This unit has a 260 gallon water tank and carries 10 gallons of foam.
Company 1 - EMS 1
1999 Ford F350/Reading
Company 1 - Engine 1
2004 Pierce Enforcer 1500gpm/750gwt
This unit has a 1500gpm pump and carries 750 gallons of water.
Company 1 - Tanker 1
2008 Pierce Enforcer 1500gpm/2500gwt
This unit has a 1500gpm pump and carries 2500 gallons of water.
Company 2 - Brush 2
2006 Ford F350/AlumLine/Department Built
Used primarily for brush fires and other off-road activities. The body was built by Alum-Line, and mounted by department members. Department members, led by Engineer Bob Howland, donated many months time custom building the pump panels, consoles, installing equipment, and other things necessary, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars. Vehicle also features 7.5 gallons of both Class A and Class B foam through a Robwen on-board foam system.
Company 2 - EMS 2
2001 Chevrolet Suburban
Primary vehicle used for EMS response in our area. Features an AED and other required EMS supplies.
Company 2 - Engine 2
2014 Rosenbauer Commander EXT
Engine 2 is the newest fire engine in Powhatan County, and responds first to a majority of the incidents in our area. It features seating for six personnel, a 1500 gallon per minute pump, 750 gallons of water, and 40 gallons of Class A foam. This is also the first apparatus in the county to feature a state-of-the-art Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS), which used a water/air/foam mixture when fighting fires. CAFS makes water more effective, last longer, and causes less fatigue on the personnel. It also features eight LED flood lights, a 6kW generator, a 4500W light tower, as well as extrication tools for auto accidents.
Company 2 - Rescue 2
2000 International 4900/Pierce Encore heavy rescue
Vehicle runs as the only heavy rescue company in Powhatan County. Features a compliment of TNT extrication tools, Vetter and Hurst low and high pressure air bags, a 6kW Will-Burt light tower, 25kW Winco generator, 4-bottle 6000psi air cascasde system, 3000 watts in portable and fixed floodlights, cribbing, rescue struts, fans, hand tools, 35' extension ladder, and other standard tools found on a Rescue Company.
Company 2 - Tanker 2
1992 International/S&S 1000gpm/1800gwt
1800 gallon elliptical tanker with a 1000gpm Waterous pump. Features 8" side and 10" rear dumps, two crosslays, front discharge with forestry line, and 400' of 3" supply line.
Company 2 - Wagon 2
1990 HME/Grumman 1000gpm/750gwt
1000gpm pumper with a 750 gallon tank. Provides fire suppression and extrication capabilities. Features a Hurst Tool compliment, 6kW generator, two crosslays, front and rear preconnects, and seating for six.
Company 3 - Brush 3
2008 Ford F350/M&W 500gpm/300gwt
Company 3 - EMS 3
1998 Chevrolet Suburban
Company 3 - Engine 3
1996 KME Renegade 1250gpm/750gwt/30gft
Company 3 - Tanker 3
2004 Mack Granite/New Lexington 1000gpm/3000gwt
Company 4 - EMS 4
1999 Chevrolet Suburban
Company 4 - Engine 4
2002 Pierce Enforcer 1500gpm/750gwt
Company 4 - Tanker 4
1995 Spartan/S&S 1000gpm/1800gwt
Company 5 - Brush 5
2002 Ford F350/Emergency Equipment Installations
Company 5 - EMS 5
2007 Chevrolet Suburban
Company 5 - Engine 5
1996 KME Renegade 1250gpm/750gwt/30gft
Company 5 - Tanker 5
1998 Freightliner FL112/KME 1000gpm/2750gwt

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